Ladies’ Night 2019 - Saturday 31st August

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Worshipful Master W. Bro. Paul O'Connell and his lady Beverley invite you to our Ladies’ Night Dinner & Dance on Saturday 31st August 2019 at The Redcliffe Hotel, Paignton at 7pm. 

The evening will feature a 3 course dinner and a cabaret with comedy magician Steve Price - a unique blend of laughs, mystery and stunning sleight of hand followed by dancing until midnight with Riviera FM’s DJ Christian Donoghue. 

Tickets £35 per person. Click to enlarge and then right click and select 'Save picture as..' to download the booking form and menu below. To place your booking, please send with payment by cheque to our secretary Steve Collins, whose address is shown on the booking form.

Dress: Men - Black Tie; Ladies - Evening Dress. Carriages midnight. 

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Miles Coverdale Ladies Night 2019 Booking Form

Installation of W. Bro. Paul O'Connell as Worshipful Master of the Lodge

W. Bro. Paul O'Connell was Installed as Worshipful Master of our Lodge on Thursday 15th November 2018 at our Installation meeting at The Redcliffe Hotel, Paignton.

The meeting was attended by 100 members, guests and visitors which included, V. W. Bro. Nicholas Ball, Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Devonshire, W. Bros. Peter Keaty and Christopher Yard, Assistant Provincial Grand Masters of Devonshire, R. W. Bro. Michael Penny, the Past Provincial Grand Master of Devonshire, along with a significant number of Grand Officers as well as Active and Past Provincial Grand Officers.

Here are some tweets covering the event.

Our International Masonic visitors

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Just before the summer recess we were honoured with the presence of some international visitors at our meeting in May, Right Worshipful Master Robin K Stanford and his son Bro. Ben Stanford both of Lodge Hinemoa 786, New Zealand Scottish Constitution. Robin and Ben had travelled to Devon for Robin’s father’s funeral.

Robin and Ben presented our Worshipful Master, WBro. Lee Williams with a visitors banner from Lodge Hinemoa

Robin and Ben presented our Worshipful Master, WBro. Lee Williams with a visitors banner from Lodge Hinemoa. Pictured left to right: Bro. Paul O'Connell, Junior Warden, Worshipful Master, WBro. Lee Williams, Right Worshipful Master Robin Stanford, Bro. Ben Stanford, Bro. Clive Astman, Senior Warden and WBro. Pete Leins, Director of Ceremonies.

Right Worshipful Master Robin said “Ben and I had been travelling for about 36 hours when we came to Lodge having landed at Heathrow just that morning. I knew you had your meeting so it was then or not at all! My father who had passed away on 13th May was also a Freemason. Ben is a Lewis and I had the privilege of Initiating, Passing and Raising him. We travel to visit other Lodges a lot and he is a keen visitor”.

Lodge Hinemoa 786, New Zealand

Robin and Ben’s Lodge Hinemoa is a Scottish Constitution Lodge which meets in the town of Stratford in the Taranaki District of New Zealand. In March this year they celebrated their 125th anniversary and at the meeting they received a generous cheque for $5,000 from their District Grand Lodge towards the refurbishment work they had carried out. The picture below shows the Lodge room looking towards the East.

Worshipful Master Robin K Stanford, Lodge Hinemoa 786, New Zealand

Robin as well being the current Right Worshipful Master of his Mother Craft Lodge which is his third time in the Chair, has been the Worshipful Master of three New Zealand Constitution Lodges, is First Principal of the local Royal Arch Chapter and at the time of his visit, the Most Wise Sovereign of his local Rose Croix Chapter, a member of the local District Grand Lodge (Junior Grand Deacon), District Grand Chapter for Royal Arch (District Grand Recorder) and a member of the Sovereign Council 30th degree. He describes himself as an enthusiastic Freemason!

Robin said “As RWM I have tried to strike a balance between solemnity and fun and I believe our Lodge is in good heart. Consequently, it was refreshing to see that Miles Coverdale Lodge operates on a similar philosophy seeking that delicate balance between camaraderie and formality.

Ben and I really enjoyed our time with you guys. Your ritual, like so many lodges, is very different but remarkably the same! That really is one of the joys of visiting in seeing variations on the theme. It was great to see a degree working. 

We are also in your debt for your generous hospitality at the Festive Board. Ben and I both had a really good time although I think that by then the jet lag was really starting to kick in. Please convey our appreciation to the WM, Officers and Brethren for your warm welcome and generous hospitality”.

The adage that there are no strangers in Freemasonry, only friends you have yet to meet is indeed a good one!

Distinguished visitor welcomes new made Brother

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WBro. John Arthur Thurlow, father-in-law of WBro. James Lang, visited for the 20th April 2017 meeting of Miles Coverdale Lodge to witness the Initiation of our newly made Brother, Robert Osborne. 

IMG 9394 2

Bro. Robert is pictured here being congratulated by his proposer, Worshipful Master WBro. Lee Williams, with left to right, WBro. James Lang, WBro. John Thurlow and Senior Warden, Bro. Clive Astman. 

IMG 9395 2

Worshipful Master, WBro. Lee Williams welcomes WBro. John Arthur Thurlow.


IMG 9400-2

WBro. John Thurlow was Initiated on 5th March 1949 in the Kingston Temple Lodge No. 4722, meeting at the Masonic Hall in Surbiton in the Province of Surrey. WBro. John was proposed by his father, WBro. Montague Arthur Thurlow, the then Director of Ceremonies of the Lodge, and who had been through the Chair in 1943. WBro. John was seconded by his uncle who acted as Junior Deacon for the ceremony and was Passed and Raised in 1950.

WBro. John progressed through the Lodge and became Worshipful Master at the May meeting in 1969. During his year, the Ladies' Night was held at a hotel in Croydon and the Festival Committee were very upset by having to increase the price of tickets from 42 Shillings to 45 Shillings.

Later, after his year in the Chair, WBro. John became Lodge Treasurer, a position he held for nearly 10 years. He is now an Honorary Member and Father of the Lodge. 

Going Underground for our 700th meeting

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Miles Coverdale Lodge No. 5069 celebrated its 700th meeting in the spectacular underground setting of Torquay’s prehistoric caves at Kents Cavern on 20 October 2016.

IMG 3474optimised





The cavern is owned by WBro. Nick Powe, Worshipful Master of Miles Coverdale Lodge. His family have been custodians of the prehistoric cavern for five generations since 1880.

DSC07122optimisedThe brethren were summoned to a business meeting which was also attended by RWBro. Ian Kingsbury JP, Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Devonshire, Deputy PGM VWBro. Nick Ball, Assistant PGM WBro. Peter Keaty and a number of Grand and Provincial Grand Officers and distinguished guests. Once the lodge was closed the 80 or so brethren were led on a guided tour of the caverns by WBro. Alan Salsbury, Secretary of Quest Lodge No. 7883 and WBro. Nick Powe.

RWBro. Ian Kingsbury said: “I really enjoyed this evening and so did my Executive.  A quite unique event we will remember for a long time.  I’m not sure we’ll see this repeated again. I suggest that on the occasion of Miles Coverdale’s 800th meeting in 13 years’ time WBro. Nick Powe is back in the chair of his lodge.”

WBro. Nick Powe, commenting on the first lodge meeting held in Kents Cavern, said: “This was a very special evening for the lodge and for me personally.  It was my last in the chair before our installation in November and the first time a lodge meeting has taken place in this historic natural underground setting. 


The cavern was the perfect place to do something different for this landmark event and being honoured by the presence of the PGM and many of his Executive added to the success of the evening for all the members of the Lodge. My grandfather, Leslie Powe, would have really enjoyed seeing the lodge set up in his cave.   He was a member of the Lodge of St. Mary No. 5148, in Torquay, and ran the caves all his life until his 84th year, when my father John Powe took over.  I took over in 2000.”  

Before the lodge was tyled, and taking advantage of the colourful regalia in the cavern, the lodge Charity Steward WBro. Georges Adroit presented a cheque for £1,110 to Martin Brook, from the Torbay Holiday Helpers Network (THHN), being the monies raised from the Ladies Night on 1st April 2016.



Martin Brook, Director of THHN said: "I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all at the Miles Coverdale Lodge, for their incredible support of our charity. We were honoured to be the benefiting charity and we truly value and appreciate such support, enabling us to continue to providing families affected by serious illness and bereavement with free fun filled, memory making holidays.

To put into context we offer a grant scheme. Many families faced with truly heart-breaking situations also find themselves in extra financial difficulties as one or maybe both parents need to stop work and become full time carers. THHN found, in these situations, families couldn’t even afford the transport costs to get to a holiday. We are directly helping one family right now whom, due to specific circumstances, have needed a hire car. Such a sum enables a family like this to have a holiday."

WBro. Georges Adroit, charity steward for Miles Coverdale said: “The lodge is always keen to support local charities and on behalf of the members of Miles Coverdale, I was delighted to present this cheque to such a good local cause.”

Torbay Holiday Helpers Network provides free fun filled memory making holidays, to families who have seriously ill children, families who are recently bereaved - having lost a child or parent and to families who have a terminally ill parent. Holidays and services are donated by big hearted accommodation, travel & tourism business owners in the English Riviera (Torbay) area.

Pictures: WBro. John Smerdon

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